Non-destructive testing is one of our major business

 mainly undertaking radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing for various types of ships, offshore facilities and steel structures, pressure vessel , long-distance pipeline, steel structure of wind power during repairing and building. Department with advanced ultrasonic testing, x-ray testing, magnetic particle testing and a variety of auxiliary equipment for testing . So far we’ve obtained Approval Qualification for Offshore Installation from China Classification Society, Approval for NDE qualification from Det Norske Veritas, Approval for NDE Qualification from China Metrology Accreditation and radiation safety permit from Shandong provincial Department of environmental protection. Our company approved by the China special equipment inspection Association for Nondestructive testing agencies site assessment on September 1, 2013. Our inspectors has the China classification society (CCS), non-destructive testing qualification certificate, China special equipment inspection certificates, ASNT nondestructive testing certification, ABS non-destructive inspection certificate and issued by the Shandong provincial Department of environmental protection, as well as radiation workers on-the-job training certificate. 

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