The testing mainly use ultrasonic reflection theory, in such a way to testing the hatch cover tightness. Our company with advanced British equipment of Ultrasonic Hatch cover tester to provide good testing service for clients. Through years of service, our company has been finished the dozes of ships tightness testing.
Advantages---compared with the traditional hose testing

A. Portable, and rapid test each part of the hull, total weight about 2.5 kg.
B. Not affected by the temperature, testing can be conducted in sub-zero weather    conditions
C. While in the inspection, the testing does not interfere with other crew activities
D. Very good flexibility with working environment, The testing can be carried out during Wharf repairing, Anchorage repair and during the sailing, also, it can test during the port discharging as required by the ship owner, in order to avoid the doubt from ship owner, crew, and charterer.




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